Toilet Paper Roll Craft ~ Heart-Shaped Binoculars for Valentine’s Day

Heart-shaped binoculars are so easy to make.

This year, we’re really embracing Valentine’s day.  We’ve played with Valentine’s Day goop and created sticky heart art on the light table, but these heart-shaped binoculars are my favorite Valentine’s Day craft!  You’re kids will love trying to search for their Valentine.  And, all you need is something that we all have around the house…

Heart Shaped Binoculars for kids - an easy Valentine's day craft or a fun activity for a birthday party

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Empty toilet paper rolls.

Who knew there were so many ways to use them?

Well, this toilet paper roll craft is a little different and that’s why it’s my favorite Valentine’s day craft.

With a little patience, you can actually turn your circular toilet paper rolls into hearts

Materials for Heart-Shaped Binoculars


How to Shape the Hearts

  • Look through the toilet paper roll and choose one place to pinch <– this will be where you start the top of the heart
  • Then, you’re going to want to flatten the toilet paper roll so that the pinch become a line from one opening to the other
  • Feel free to really push on the toilet paper roll
  • Then, hold the initial pinch (the top of the heart) with your fingers or nails and try to shape the two “bumps” of the hearts on either side of the pinch.
  • This will give you an idea of where to pinch the bottom of the heart…
  • Pinch the bottom of the heart and flatten the whole tube – make sure the top of the heart stay in position – it’s okay if the “bumps” you just made flatten again.
  • Let the tube pop back up and reshape.
  • I find that using my nails to really pinch the top and bottom of the heart is the trick.

**Tip: Shape each toilet roll like a heart before painting AND after you paint.  It will help to hold the shape of a heart.


How to Make the Toilet Paper Roll Craft

  1. My daughter drenched her binoculars in red tempera paint and then moved on to paint mine as well.
  2. Use a little bit of tape to adhere the two toilet rolls together and let them dry side by side.
  3. As they paint drys, it will act like a glue between the two rolls.
  4. Add a little more tape (We used washi tape because it’s decorative.  You can see where we placed the tape in the picture below!).
  5. Place holes on either side of the binoculars with a hole punch.
  6. Then, thread your string through the holes to make a necklace.

Wear and enjoy!

You can go for a walk or stay inside to see if you can find your Valentine.

If you love toilet roll art, be sure to check out our toilet roll tree and our oh-so cute toilet paper roll necklace.

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