{Sticky} Cloud Art for Kids

We love sticky art in our house.

There is something about working near the window that makes this {wannabe} photographer so happy.  It’s why we’ve done sticky art in the past.  But, this time, daydreaming by the window inspired us to make cloud art.  We just love clouds.

Bonus: BOTH my baby and my preschooler adored this super simple, sticky art!!

Sticky art clouds in the window

I saw this gorgeous activity with pom pom art from No Time for Flash Cards and I knew that I wanted to try it sometime.  The problem was that I didn’t have copious amounts of pom poms.  But, I always have cotton balls, so it seemed like the perfect substitute.  Plus, they make great clouds.

Materials for Sticky Art

  • Contact Paper
  • Painters Tape
  • Cotton Balls

Sticky art with cotton ballsWhen I set this up, my one-year-old adored slamming his hands on the sticky surface and pulling his hands away.  He did that for a good ten minutes before I brought out the cotton balls!

Setting up Sticky Art

  1. Cut the contact paper
  2. Tape in the window with painters tape (make sure the sticky side faces YOU)
  3. Put out a basket of cotton balls

Sticky art cloudsMy one-year-old also LOVED dumping out all of the cotton balls.

The sticky window and the soft cotton balls were an amazing tactile experience for him, too! Whereas my preschooler went straight to making cloud art.

Note: My cats loved playing with these cotton balls, too.  The WHOLE family loved this!!

Sticky art for babyThe best part for my son was taking all of the cotton balls off of the sticky art window.  That left these beautiful wisps that looked just like clouds.

This simple activity was a great sensory experience for my kids, but started up so many conversations about clouds and skies, too.

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