How to Make {Paper Bag} Wings

I’m thrilled to share how to make wings at Happily Ever Mom today!

My four-year-old would wear wings all day long if she could.  Because she loves everything pretend play and fairies too, wings are a staple in her wardrobe.  After lugging groceries bags home one day {when I forgot the totes}, we decided to make into a quick and easy art project that I knew my daughter would love to wear!

How to make wings with a paper bag
To make these fairy wings, you’ll only need a few things from around the house.  Then, you’re fairy will be flying around in no time!

Materials for Paper Bag Wings

  • Pearl Tempera Paint
  • Paper Bag
  • Staple

paper bag wings template

How to Make Wings

Push the bottom of the paper bag out and crease {see photo above}.  Then, draw and cut out your wing shape.  The side of the bag will make the center of the wings as you cut out the wings – woohoo!

I folded the center like an accordion so that the center was not too wide and it added texture.

Remember how you pushed out the bottom of the bag?  Now it’s time to cut the bottom of the bag out.  It will be a rectangle.  Cut the rectangle lengthwise {the long way} into four sections.  Hold onto these for the end as they will make the arm bands so kids can wear the wings!

How to make wings for kids

Let kids paint the wings in whatever color they choose.

We tried to fold our wings in half to get the paint on the other side of the wings, but it was too hot and our paint dried to quickly.  Next time, we will try more paint and a cooler day!

How to Make Wings Straps

After the wings dry, grab the four sections that you cut from the base of the bag {remember those?}.  Staple two sections together so they make one long strip.  Then, staple the other two together.  Now you have two long strips that you can staple to the wings like back pack straps!

paper bag wings

After you make these quick and easy wings, let kids fly outside and enjoy their artwork.  These are so much fun to make and to wear!

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