No Mess Painting on the Light Table

Today, I’m thrilled to share our simple no mess painting method!

We love art on the light table, but we couldn’t figure out how to use actual paint without it being impossible to clean up.  Since we use our light table for all kinds of ways to learn in the dark, we were thrilled to stumble on this art activity that both my preschooler and my toddler could do together.

No Mess Painting

We started an art activity on the light table because of the theme for the light and reflections series.  If you haven’t joined us before, this is a time for me, along with three other bloggers, to come up with creative ways to learn and to play with light!  Our theme this time was art, which sounded like something that would be tricky to do on the light table in particular, but this art activity was super simple!

Materials for No Mess Painting on the Light Table

  • Paint
  • Ziploc Bag
  • Light Table <— aff link to our favorite light panel.  The best part is that you can move this around the house, instead of having a huge piece of furniture!

no mess painting on the light table

How to Set Up No Mess Painting

First, you want to pick out two or more colors that your child would like to mix.  My daughter chose red and white because her friend told her it makes pink when you mix it together <—so cute!  We poured generous amounts of red and white paint into a ziploc bag.

Once the paint is inside, be sure to slowly push all of the air out of the bag otherwise it will be difficult to push the paint around and to mix.  Seal the bag.

Note: If you’re worried about spills, you may want to tape it shut!

Then, let your child mix, squish, and draw!  My four-year-old loved tracing along the bag with a pencil eraser while my one-year-old enjoyed picking the bag up and pushing it with his fingers.

Light and reflection series for 2014If you love light table activities like we do, be sure to come back next month to see what activity we’ve come up with next.  Check out the other art activities in this series from this amazing group of bloggers:

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Come on over to our Facebook page and tell us which one you want to try!

About the author

Katie Joiner Katie Joiner is a happy-at-home Mom. She's got an almost 4 year-old and "oh-so close" to 1 year-old. When she's not busy saving her cats from the kids and trying to figure out what's for dinner, she can be found admiring, dreaming, and playing the day away with her family. Come over and say hi on her FB page, @Happilyevermom, or Google +.


  1. Kathy Davis says

    My brother made me (his version) of a light box that I could use when tracing patterns etc. It is about 13 in. by 8 or 9 inches with a regular “hot” light bulb in it. It worked great for that purpose,. How could I change it to allow my 2 year old granddaughter to play on it. The top is glass too. Should I just forget it and start over new? Any instructions for that ? Thanks, Kathy


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