8 Ways for Kids to Learn in the Dark

Are you curious how kids can learn in the dark?

We used glow sticks, light tables, and flashlights to dream up some wonderful ways to learn in the dark.  Okay, so the lights were dimmed and not completely off, but safety first, right?!  Make sure to scroll through the whole list – our favorite activity is last!

super simple ways to play and have fun after the sun has gone down. Love glow in the dark activities like #8!

Over 8 Ways for Kids to Learn in the Dark

1.)  Spooky Storytelling Silhouettes made from Toilet Paper Rolls! – We made these around Halloween time, but you could certainly draw different pictures for any time of the year!

2.) Pony Bead Puppets on the Light Table – What do you do with those pony bead suncatchers after you’ve had them in the window for a while?  Use them as puppets on the light table!

3.) Experimenting with Ice, Colored Water, and Salt on the Light Table – Need a science experiment that is also a gorgeous art activity?  This classic experiment comes to life on the light table and all you need are basic things around the house!

4.) Stackable Egg Carton Snowmen on the Light Table – Don’t throw away those egg cartons!  We save our clear egg cartons from Costco for this winter themed activity.

5.) Flashlight Alphabet Game – Turn off the lights and grab a flashlight!  This game will get your little one loving the ABC’s!

6.) Shape Puzzles on the Light Table – Magnatiles come to life on the light table with these DIY shape puzzles.

7.) Sticky Art on the Light Table – Need an art idea for Valentine’s Day?  Try this great process art activity on the light table!

8.) Glow in the Dark Musical Instruments – This is our favorite family activity!  Grab some glow sticks and spend quality family time together!!

9.) Bonus: Play Tic Tac Glow!  So simple, but so much fun.

Great ideas for encouraging learning - especially #10!

These are perfect for late nights during the summer.

We love doing it on a hot afternoon.  We close all the blinds to keep the house cool and play the day away!

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  1. says

    All 8 of these ideas are fantastic!

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

    • happilyevermom says

      Thanks so much, Maryanne! We actually can’t wait for the sun to go down after dinner – we love the dark! :)

    • says

      Hey Vicki – the easiest way that I’ve seen is to put twinkly lights or a pop light underneath a large plastic tub (you can buy those at bed bath and beyond). I hope it works out – light tables are so much fun!


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